About me

I have enjoyed a long and exciting career, filled with ups, downs, and great learning opportunities. I have been blessed to work with hundreds of companies that are at the top of their industry and learn what they do in order to drive such monumental success.

Some of my current and previous clients include Columbia Sportswear, McAfee, Intuit, Travel Zoo, AMP Mobile, LensCrafters, Xactware, Tractor Supply, Kodak, CDW and more. I have worked with everything from large, multi-national enterprises to small startup companies. My experience is that some challenges are industry and size specific, but most are not. Most best practices and principles revolving around people, processes and technology are as applicable to smaller ventures as they are to large corporate conglomerates. Learn those principles and you are equipped to take your projects and companies to the next level.

I was fortunate enough to have some fantastic mentors throughout my career. I had partners, managers, and clients that were intelligent, educated, experienced, creative, ambitious and more. I have experienced both ups and downs in the economy and as a business owner and that has given me a unique perspective on business and life in general. With my blog, I hope to share principles, ideas and even questions that have helped to shape who I am and what has driven my success. I believe that sharing my perspective and creating a forum for discussion on these topics will bless many who are looking for guidance, support and answers to help them with their unique challenges in life and business.