The Benefits of Automating Your Sales and Marketing

Streamlining doesn’t always mean cutting programs or removing services. Instead, streamlining is simply the process of removing unnecessary expenses that do little, if anything, to help move your business forward. Automation does exactly this. With automation software implemented into your company, you can boost productivity while skipping frivolous tasks that did nothing but slow down your work force and, potentially, cost the company money due to a lack of understanding. Automation can improve just about every department within the business, with sales and marketing receiving the most obvious benefits. If you’re on the fence regarding new software investments, here are some of the huge benefits of automating your sales and marketing departments.

What is Automation?

Automation is the installation and integration of a program, designed to collect information, crawl through company data and analyze every bit of info it receives. By doing this, the software helps identify the key demographic, when customers purchase products, what marketing campaigns bring in the most potential customers and what they may prove interested in later. Essentially, automation within your business provides a blueprint that, if followed, cuts expenses, boosts productivity and helps streamline your entire company. Marketing and sales, as likely the two largest departments within your company, can reap the largest share of benefits when implemented properly.

Manage Your Sales Department

When running a business, you need to not only monitor overall sales, but the overall performance of your sales staff as well. You’re running a company to making money. When you have members on the sales staff who are lagging or not putting in the necessary work, it drags the entire department down, which in turn, hurts just about everyone else in the company as everything relies on sales. With the automation system in place, you can monitor all your sales rep activity.

Now, you’re not there to stand over every worker with an iron fist so they are terrified to even stand in your shadow. That’s not a great way to lead your company. If they respect you, their productivity will improve automatically. However, when you do nothing with employees who are struggling, others who are doing well may begin to wonder why they are putting in the kind of work that they are (especially if there are no commission incentives attached to their work). With system automation within your sales department, you don’t need to just give someone the boot because they are under performing. The system automation gives you greater insights into what everyone is doing. This way, you can identify areas in which your employees can improve. With the clearly defined information, you can help your workers iron out these issues. There is a good chance they don’t even know what is causing their lack of performance. Thanks to sales automation, this no longer is an issue.

What Marketing is Working and What is Falling Flat

For the longest time, marketing really was a crapshoot. Before in-depth analytics, a marketing department would come up with a hypothesis as to what might work and then pursue it from there. It is why almost all advertisements before the age of the Internet looked and felt the same. Now, however, you have access to far more information and data, which makes customizing a marketing campaign easier, and yet more important. Customers expect a personalization and customization within the content. Analytical programs help with this, but without a team of skilled and trained professionals who can comb through all the data, it still is nothing more than just a bunch of research numbers.

This is where system automation within the marketing department comes in. Automation dives further into the data, looks at not only previous marketing campaigns but outreach methods, the return on investment, demographics spending and all other information, giving you a clear and precise indication as to what has worked in the past, why it worked and how it might work again. By using this information, you can continue to create quality marketing material without falling flat on your face with content that does not work (Entrepreneur, 2017).

The major benefit of having access to this information is you don’t need to spend as much money on advertising. The marketing dollars can be funneled into the proven track record while you may also avoid putting the company’s money into failing outreach programs (or at least methods that are not bringing in the same kind of bang for the buck). So, stop overspending on marketing campaigns where you don’t even know how it will work out in the end. Instead, focus on putting money in areas that pay off.

Boost the Bottom Line

The bottom line is everything, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how great of a product you have or if you have the best staff in the world . . . if you’re in the red, it’s all for not. There’s only so long you can run an underwater company, so boosting the bottom line is critical for long-term success. Thankfully, that is exactly what sales automation does for you. It gives you the ability to increase revenue through a series of customized improvements to the company.

For starters, automation helps identify time-consuming tasks you no longer need to do. By streamlining the process your employees can spend more time on tasks that matter. You may even identify positions no longer necessary to run the business, which gives you a substantial amount of money to put in other areas of the company.

As the sales staff will no longer need to spend as much time on menial tasks thanks to automation, they can spend more time pitching products, calling potential customers and connecting with possible clients. All of this drives up sales and improves your bottom line. With the automated information, you can also provide your sales team with more information on clients, their purchase history and what they are looking for, which makes it easier to sell products and services to them. All of this goes a long way in boosting your company bottom line while bringing in increased revenue (Infusion Soft, 2016).

Cut Out the Repetition

In business, time is always money, so when you’re forced to spend your time performing the same task repeatedly, it can really begin to feel like you’re flushing cash down the toilet. While you’re not actually opening your wallet and dumping in all the greenbacks you have, it is a waste of time, which you could put to better use somewhere else. With system automation, you can avoid performing the repetitive tasks as the computer can do all of this for you.

So how can the automated system take control of the repetitive tasks your staff typically performs? Let’s say you are putting on an event of some kind. You’ll need to establish different registration landing pages, send out emails, and then send out confirmation emails and follow-up letters. Perhaps you focus on social media publishing and any other number of activities. It takes a considerable amount of manpower to put on an event, so devoting the valuable time of your employees to these tasks takes away from many of the more important tasks (Hubspot, 2017).

With automation, the computer can handle all of this. Once the computer automation system is set up, your sales department and other staff members can perform unique, individualized tasks while the computer handles the rest. This way, you’ll remove the repetition from the line of work, cut costs and boost productivity. Again, it is all about streamlining the process, and handing off the repetitive tasks is just one aspect of this.

Shared Information Between Sales and Marketing

Often, one department has no idea what the other department is doing. This becomes more common as companies grow. However, this also leads to some rather serious problems that can be avoided. With automation, both your sales and marketing departments will have access to the same data, allowing each to share information, which in turn allows everyone to avoid the pitfalls of not always knowing what the other department is doing.

Implementing automation into your business has the potential to completely revolutionize the way your company works. It streamlines just about every process, cuts out unnecessary waste and helps outline ways to increase sales and how to reach new customers. It does take an initial investment to bring in the automation software into the fold, but once it is up and running, you’ll quickly discover just how beneficial it is. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, automate your company’s sales and marketing. In no time, you’ll wonder how in the world you ever got by without it.

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Written by Mike Williams

I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of business experience. My goal with this blog is to pass on some of what I have learned in order to help you achieve success in business.

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